This collaboration with the Department of Sea Biology of the Universidad de Alicante, Spain, focused on communicating the diversity and importance of the shark and ray populations on the southeast coast of Spain. That included a 100-page digital and printed guide with 45 species illustrations, infographics, maps, and other materials such as a threefold, roll-up, poster…

I love working on outreach environmental projects, and I have always been fascinated by sharks. This was a great opportunity to learn about them and to develop my illustration skills. As the only graphic designer on the project, I made all the creative decisions such as style, typography, colors, images, etc.

It was a big and long process, full of meetings with biologists and ecologist associations and modifications, but I really enjoyed it, and I also developed a comprehensive understanding of design project logistics and organization.

Roles on this project: visual and graphic designer, and illustrator.
Visual Identity / Illustration / Editorial design / Collaterals

ServicesProject Visual Identity and Guide. 101 pgs (digital and printed)Year2021Linkdrive.google.com

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