Posidonia – Red de Seguimiento Murcia

«More than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea. Posidonia oceanica has been called ‘the lungs of the Mediterranean’ because it is one of the most important sources of oxygen provided to coastal waters.»

Posidonia oceanica’s deterioration is due to human activity and its environmental and economic consequences for the Mediterranean sea ecosistem. Scientists, citizens, and environmental managers are increasingly worried about it. In 2004, the Community of Murcia’s Fishing and Aquiculture Service, in collaboration with the Oceanographics Spanish Institute, launched a long-term program aimed at establishing and monitoring Posidonia oceanica prairies. In this context, they assigned the refresh of the Posidonia oceanica monitoring network of the Region of Murcia.

I designed the logotype and developed its application for merchandising and social media. I wanted to combine the form of the Posidonia with its colors, water, and the care this team put into it.

Role in this project: visual and graphic designer
Logo / Branding / Merchandising / Social media images

ServicesLogotype and MerchandisingYear2021

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