Festival Cotijazz 2018

Cotijazz is a jazz association based in a little village called Las Torres de Cotillas, in the southeast of Spain. Its name results from the union of Cotillas and Jazz. In 2010, they created the Cotijazz Festival, a project focused on promoting jazz music in the Region of Murcia, counting on local and outsider jazz musicians.

For their 2018 edition, the team wanted the design to pay homage to three musicians colleagues that had passed away that year. One of them was a bass player. Collaborating on this project was really beautiful and challenging. I worked on the concept of a bass made of wood that returns to being a tree, and from its branches, birds start to fly in freedom. I used black and white photography and old typewriter typography to convey nostalgia to the public.

Roles in this project: Visual and Graphic designer
Illustration / Event Corporate Identity / Collateral / Merchandising

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