Festival Cotijazz 2016

Cotijazz is a jazz association based in a little village called Las Torres de Cotillas, in the southeast of Spain. In 2010, they created the Cotijazz Festival, a project focused on promoting jazz music in the Region of Murcia, counting on local and outsider jazz musicians.

As a professional jazz singer myself, I’ve been linked to this association for a long time, especially while I was growing as a singer and as a designer. In 2016, I had the pleasure of designing the poster, the program, the roll-up, the t-shirt design and all the social media images.

After trying different concepts, the end result was inspired by the Saul Bass style: simple, geometric shapes and symbolism, and a single dominant image that stands alone to deliver a powerful message. In this case, a trompetist on the edge of a cliff. Improvisation is the centerpiece of the design.

Roles in this project: Visual and Graphic designer
Illustration / Event Corporate Identity / Collateral / Merchandising

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